Ms. Loeffler, Esq. is an outstanding attorney, who handles all of our legal issues regarding our assets. I came to Ms. Loeffler because of complicated property tax issues left open by my previous lawyers on our four residential trusts governing a property in San Diego County. Ms. Loeffler was expertly able to untangle the issues and came up with straightforward and effective ways to resolve all of them. Ms. Loeffler is knowledgeable, sharp, and pleasant. I plan on having her draft our family wills in the future. I would like to give her my strongest endorsement. In addition, I would like to give my strongest endorsement to her assistant, Laura Canady, who is also a joy to work with and who is also very competent and effective in assisting Ms. Loeffler to get things done. It always has been a pleasure to work with Ms. Loeffler and her team, and they consistently produce great results.

Jennifer Client